Philips Lighting worked with Dutch Carpet Company Desso to create a digital carpet.

The carpet would incorporate LED light bulbs in to it in order to display fire exits or to just display messages. The carpet can be pre-programmed by an app to display what you want and when the LED light bulbs aren’t in use they turn off becoming invisible and the carpet looks just like a normal carpet.

The LED light bulbs are underneath the carpet so that if anything is spilled on the carpet the lights will not be damaged.

The LED light bulbs by Philips come in a variety of colours and can change the look of a room in seconds. They can display the way to exits in a fire or give directions which takes away the need for signs stopping walls from becoming cluttered. It can also be linked to a news feed supplying people with important updates.

LED Carpet

An example of the carpets in use is at Axel Springer, a Publishing Company in Berlin, who use Luminous Carpets in its newsroom entrance of the BILD Newspaper.

Chief Editor of BILD Newspaper, Kai Diekman, said:

When I heard about the new Luminous Carpets solution by Philips and Desso, I knew this solution – displaying the latest news on the floor – was ideal for the entrance of our future newsroom.

Venture Manager, Dr Bernd Voelpel, said:

Luminous Carpets has literally countless application possibilities offering architects and interior designers true design freedom. Instantly creating different moods and settings, interiors and ambience. It’s imagination at the touch of a button.

Images belong to Philips and Desso – Luminous Carpets

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