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Osram competing to do LED Lighting for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Stadiums

Osram already has experience in the sports stadium sector in the Middle East as they provided LED lighting to the King Abdullah...

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Release of The UK Lighting Sector Strategy

The UK Lighting Sector Strategy document is a plan for businesses in the lighting industry detailing expected outcomes incentives for building refurbishment...

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Does switching off street lights cause accidents?

A recent study by The Times discovered that there has been an increase of casualties on streets where lights have been switched...

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New Osram CRi Spotlamp: Lunis 2 Track

Originally developed for the Lebachhaus Museum in Munich and in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the Lunis 2 Track, is currently in...

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Philips lights Africa’s famous monument: Maqam Echahid

The famous Maqam Echahid monument, based in Algeria, has had it’s lights replaced with Philips LED Energy Saving lights. The famous monument...

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Essex have the world’s largest wireless street lighting management system

Essex County Council has said they have the world’s largest wireless street lighting central management system with 125,000 connections. This technology allows...

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Airports making the switch to LED

With the potential to improve visibility to pilots, energy savings, and long life, airports throughout the world are transitioning to LED based...

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Plymouth saving £1 million by switching to LED

Plymouth City Council is spending £8 million this summer to upgrade their street lighting. The project will begin in summer when over...

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