Ever opened your handbag and struggled to find the one thing you’re looking for?

For me it’s usually the front door keys when it’s raining. Well Tamara Leuty has found the solution.

Glass Handbag is a fashion collection of handbags that have been fitted with the world’s first integrated lighting system inside.

Tamara started the planning for the business in 2008 when light technology had finally advanced to a stage where a lightweight, non-breakable, no heat illumination system could be integrated in to fabric. She creates the designs for all the handbags ensuring that they were stylish, comfortable, high-quality and, of course, with an integrated light.

The light doesn’t weigh down the bag and automatically turns on when you open the bag and off when you close it.

You can see celebrities who are fans of the bag and their many TV appearances on their website: glasshandbag.com

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