The new LED engines by Soraa use 50% less power and have a higher centre-beam intensity (CBCP) than current LED fixtures.

The engines allow fixtures to be 50% smaller and the new design enables a low temperature operation and a lifetime or around 50,000 hours.

The light engines permit Soraa’s signature elements of full-visible spectrum light to now be easily incorporated into integral LED fixtures. These elements include Point Source Optics for beautiful, uniform beams of high intensity as well as VP3 Vivid Colour (CRi-95 and R9-95) and VP3 Natural White, which reveals the amazing contrast of whiteness and colours in every environment. The Light Engines will be on display at the Lightfair International in Las Vegas.

The state of the art technology and the design of the engine allows great illumination, problem-free installation, serviceability and compatibility. The engines are available in a range of front face diameters from four inches to one inch. They are easy to install with standard MR/PAR/AR lightweight and compact from mounting rings, are designed to work with an external driver and are compatible with a wide range of dimming and control systems. The magnetic accessories allow customers to adjust the colour, shape and (soon) the direction of the light beam.

Senior VP of North American Sales at Soraa, said:

For the first time, customers have no compromise light engines to easily convert their existing integral or retrofit fixtures into high performance integral LED fixtures with excellent light quality. Our light engines instantly turn ordinary light fixtures into extraordinarily brilliant and efficient fixtures.

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