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Research Results of the lighting sector

Research by MarketsandMarkets found that within six years the world’s ‘smart’ lighting sector could be worth $56 billion (£33 billion). It is...

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Cordelia Lighting Recalls Lights due to Safety Hazards

Cordelia Lighting have had to recall about 220,000 lights after 888 incidents were reported. Commercial Electric brand basic hanging shop lights that...

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Canada going LED

On Tuesday (May 20th) municipal officials agreed on new street lights for Kirkland Lake, Canada. They also agreed to get new lights...

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Philips sets Allianz Arena up with LED light bulbs

The iconic Allianz Arena features a wall of lights all around the outside which shows red and blue (the team’s colours) on...

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Stockton Council spend £14 million on new street lights

Stainton Lighting Design Services Limited have been given a £14 million contract to design a street lighting project for Stockton Borough Council....

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Green Investment Bank think all UK lights should be LED

Green Investment Bank are providing millions of pounds of funding for LED streetlighting projects. GIB, owned by the taxpayers, believe that if...

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Delays in Halogen Lamps Ban

Halogen lamps are due to be banned in 2016 as part of the European Commission’s DIM regulations. However, in order for them...

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Malta Basketball Association (MBA) makes the switch to LED light bulbs

The Malta Basketball Association (MBA) has been converted to using LED light bulbs to light up their new indoor courts. Malta clubs...

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How LED light bulbs have changed Hollywood

LA has been fitted with over 140,000 street lights, completely changing how the streets look. The streets of LA have undergone the...

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LED light bulbs falling in price

Prices for LED light bulbs are high but falling quickly. A ‘dumb’ LED that puts out as much light as a $1.25...

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