At the Lighting Fixture Design conference in London yesterday, lighting designer Rogier van der Heide spoke out about how companies should be embracing new technologies in lighting.

The designer, who previously worked for Philips, said:

[The value of LED] is not that it does lighting more efficiently, the real value is that it’s a digital semi-conductor. With ambient intelligence we can steer away from making a commodity towards creating new forms of interacting that are more valuable. The lamp is not just a lamp anymore. A fixture is not just a fixture. Ambient design lets you attach services to your hardware offering. [Using new technology for lighting] you enter a completely new value space, and you can create new paradigms of interaction that are very valuable, It’s not always known what we need, there are a lot of unknown needs that we will create lighting solutions for. The big companies that collect big data are in a good position to create ambient intelligent products. So you might want to consider teaming up with one of them.

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