The Homey device can control household items by telling it what you want.

The orb is just 4.3 inches in diameter and has a multi-coloured LED ring to empower apps and a small circle on top for the Infrared Power LED to shine through the casing. It is compatible with almost any wireless controlled household appliances and devices by using WiFi, Bluetooth and different infrared communication standards. An official Android and iOS app will be released so people can control thing remotely.

What’s different about Homey is you don’t have to press anything it is controlled by your voice. For example, you can just say ‘Homey, I’d like to connect a new lamp’ and it will understand and connect to the new device.

Althom, the company behind Homey, said:

Homey brings your home to life. It can talk to many devices and you can talk to Homey. Say what you want, when you want it, and Homey takes care of it. Homey learns your ways and predicts which things to do, to make you happy. When you need to wake up, the curtains or blinds are opening, your morning tune is playing on your stereo while the weather for today and your emails are being read to you. The smell of fresh and automatically made coffee gets you out of bed.

Emile Nijesson, from Enschede in the Netherlands, created the orb with eight different radio modules which are connected to a Rasberry Pi Computer Module, which runs it’s custom software. Homey us available on Kickstarter from £186.

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