Samsung has improved the light quality of it’s LED light bulbs used in advanced lighting applications by making their CRi 90.

These LED components  at the Lightfair International trade show exhibition being held in Las Vegas from June 3rd to June 5th.

The new LED product platforms include mid-power, high-power and chip-on-board packages as well as LED modules. With the improved CRi, Samsung LM561B and other mid-power LED packages can be used in a wider range of retrofit LED light bulbs and downlights by reproducing colours comparable to those seen under natural sunlight. Also, the improved high-power LED LH351 series is suitable for MR, PAR and other spotlights that require high colour rendering, along with high light output.

Samsung’s LED modules enhanced with 90 CRi include the LT-A302 module comprised of mid-power LED packages, and the SLE series, which uses COB-type packages. The LT-A302 is a linear, lens-attached module with a thin, 21 millimetre-wide form factor. The SLE series modules are suitable for spotlights and track lighting that prioritize high light output.

Senior Vice President pf strategic marketing team at Samsung Electronics, Bangwon Oh, said:

With out improved colour rendering, Samsung’s LED packages and modules now provide LED lighting makers with light quality that far surpasses that of conventional lighting applications, while adding to the energy efficiency of our LED lighting line-up. With more than 90 CRi, the enhanced colour reproducibility of our best product platforms will make them even more attractive to lighting designers worldwide.

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