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Barbie goes LED

In a previous post I talked about the integration of LED light bulbs in to fashion and it’s such a trend that...

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Christmas Lighting Tips

A few tips on the best way to achieve the perfect Christmas lighting scheme. Be original Christmas lighting doesn’t have to be...

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Fashion Forward LED light bulbs

A recent fashion trend has been growing as celebrities are beginning to wear LED clothes. Lighting has been used in performances for...

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PUMA release LED Running Wear

With the clocks going back and winter looming near, your morning or evening run will more than likely be in the dark....

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The Easiest Ways to Go Green

A few tips on saving energy, water and money. The easiest way to keep track of your bills is by using an...

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Halloween Lighting Ideas

For more creative Halloween Lighting Ideas check out our Pinterest page.

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Lighting Solutions for Daylight Savings

In case you hadn’t realised from the cold, the rain and the dark mornings British Summer Time is over, meaning the clocks...

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How Lighting Affects our Body Clock

It’s no secret that our body reacts to different levels of light like how we feel tired when it’s dark and more...

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University of Phoenix Stadium is refitted with LED light bulbs

Ephesus Lighting of Syracuse in New York has recently refitted the lighting at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium is to...

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LED light bulbs to help stop ‘secret photos’

A research team in Japan have developed a system that used LED lighting to disable camera functions on smartphones. In 2012, smartphones...

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