Ephesus Lighting of Syracuse in New York has recently refitted the lighting at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The stadium is to host the NFL Super Bowl come February.

As each LED light provides nearly double the light of the previous installment, only 312 LEDs were installed to replace the original 780 metal halide lights. The new lighting will use 75% less energy than the original and comes with a 10-year warranty. Because LEDs provide a brighter and more uniform light it creates better viewing for the audience and the players.

The lights can also be programmed to do special effects for player introductions and can be dimmed after the game for cleaning – saving even more money. If the power cuts out, like it did in 2013, then LEDs can be switched straight back on whereas the original lights required a 20 minute warm-up.

Regional Vice President and General Manager of the University of Phoenix Stadium, Peter Sullivan, said: “[The lights] were fantastic on a variety of levels. These lights are rated for super-slow motion, so the clarity and the level of light and the type of light is phenomenal. Not only do you have a utility consumption reduction, you also have significant savings as to cooling in the upper echelons if your building. Metal halide lights throw off a ton of heat.”

Chief Technology Officer of Ephesus Lighting, Joe Casper, said: “The capabilities of LED technology have changed the way we view sports lighting. This was a great opportunity to showcase our innovative lighting technology in a venue known as a leader in introducing new ideas to sports market place.”

Sullivan added: “It’s not just lighting per se. It’s a whole bunch more. I’d like to think in light of how it performed, about LED sports lighting. The positive virtues of this are just, in my opinion, too great to pass up.”

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