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Is your lighting making you fat?

According to a recent study, blue lighting may be affecting your hunger making you eat more than you intend to. In a...

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By the name, you’ve probably already realised that it’s a light bulb with speakers. The LightSpeaker can fit in to any 5...

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Glowsticks are soooo 2013

Topshop’s recently released (May 29th) collaboration with Ashish has brought a whole new light to their clothing. The Ashish x Topshop line...

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Bringing Technology to Fashion with Glass Handbag

Ever opened your handbag and struggled to find the one thing you’re looking for? For me it’s usually the front door keys...

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What to do with Old Light bulbs

If you’ve been on our Pinterest you probably already have a few ideas on how to be creative with old light bulbs...

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