A recent fashion trend has been growing as celebrities are beginning to wear LED clothes. Lighting has been used in performances for many years but it is now starting to make it’s way from the stage to the outfit.

On Wednesday night, at the Country Music Awards, Ariana Grande gave a performance in an LED matching top and skirt. She performed with the band Little Big Town and although they had their drums lit up and their outfits had a neon trim, it was no match for Ariana Grande in her LED dress. The lights on the dress changed colours as she sang ‘Bang Bang’ at the awards.

Ariana Grande is not the first celebrity to draw attention for their light up outfits. Earlier this year Topshop teamed up with Ashish and released a range of LED accessories such as backpacks and platform trainers. Pop star Lily Allen was seen out with the LED stripped PVC backpack from the Topshop collaboration. X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger grabbed attention when she wore a ‘Twitter’ dress which featured live tweets displayed in LED lights. Other celebrities such as Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding have been spotted with LED accessories.

Sportswear brand Puma also made a collection using LED lights in running wear for men and women to keep them safe at night.

LED dresses have even appeared on the runway by designers such as Richard Nicolls, Hussein Chalayars and Diana Eng.

There is also The Galaxydress which is the world’s most famous LED dress and is currently on display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry as part of the FastForward: Inventing the Future exhibit. The silk dress was made using 4,000 Swarovski crystals and 24,000 LED lights.

LED lights are popular because of their brightness, they have a long life span and do not get hot like traditional lights. This means they work with clothes and accessories in a way older lights couldn’t.

Clothes aren’t the only trend to embrace LED light bulbs, bedding and furniture have been made using LED light bulbs too.

It seems the new statement-wear is covered in LED light bulbs. It’ll definitely get attention – it will literally light up a room. Would you consider wearing an LED outfit?

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