With the clocks going back and winter looming near, your morning or evening run will more than likely be in the dark.

Obviously, safety is an issue when it comes to running in the dark and reflectors will only give out a faint glow (dependant on other light sources). And with certain places dimming or turning off their street lights it can be even more dangerous. To remedy this, Puma has released a new range of running wear to light up your route and keep you safe. The range is called Nightcat and consists of shoes, jackets, t-shirts and running pants – all fitted with an LED light.

All of the clothes are made of a very lightweight material and the LED light bulbs weigh only 4.7g each so don’t add any significant weight or added bulk. The jacket features a strip of blue fibre optic cable embedded in to the upper arms that can be set to constant light or flashing at the touch of a button. The trainers feature a removable LED light that sites on the tongue of the shoe under the laces. The lights come with a USB connector so that they can be charged easily.

A statement on the Pro Direct website said:

The PUMA Nightcat range features technologically advanced running wear enhanced with Visicell highly reflective materials designed to keep you 360 degrees visible. The Faas 600 V2 Nightcat Powered running shoes feature innovative, rechargeable LED light bulbs with optical fibres on the tongues that illuminate for enhanced visibility.

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