The lights in Peaksfield Avenue, Grimsby have been replaced with LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs shine directional light limiting light pollution but therefore making the street darker. Now residents have called on North East Lincolnshire council to improve the lighting.

This is due to recent events which involved a 17 year old and 16 year old assaulted a police officer and a separate event where a 16 year old was charged with a public order offence and an 18 year old charged with a breach of an ASBO.

The new LED light bulbs use less power than the old ones and their main aim is to light roads and pavements but residents feel it has left some areas in the dark.

Concerned Resident, Rob Waters, said:

People can watch everything you are doing without being detected. Everyone feels the same. We did not get any notice or a warning about how much less light there would be.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor David Watson, said:

Across the borough, North East Lincolnshire Council is in the process of converting approximately 85% of the existing street lighting stock to modern LED lamps. Peaksfield Avenue changed to the new LED lights. In this location, a specific type of LED lamp has been selected which will efficiently illuminate the footpath and road within the scope of the lanterns we have available. This will ensure that Peaksfield Avenue will be illuminated in accordance with national street lighting design guidelines. The lights chosen are also very efficient in managing the amount of light pollution and not wasting energy, by lighting areas which are not within the road or footpath. However, we are lighting the path and some of the associated land adjacent as a consequence, to the same level as other streets of similar character within the borough.

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