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Compact Fluorescent

Don’t let ugly light bulbs ruin your home!

The importance of a light bulb’s aesthetics cannot be understated. Thought of as purely functional until very recently, assuming that its uses...

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Would you be fooled by an Eco Label?

Philips refuses to stop labelling Halogen light bulbs as ‘eco’. Originally, Halogen light bulbs were brought out as an updated filament light...

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90% of Compact Fluorescents thrown into Household Waste

In Canada, about 90% of compact fluorescent light bulbs are being thrown away in normal household waste which can potentially leak mercury...

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What do I do if I break a lamp?

Accidents happen. You may of heard that certain light bulbs can contain toxic chemicals and while it is a small amount we’ve...

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Are CFL light bulbs Obsolete?

Once dubbed an Energy Saver, Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs seem to be losing out to LEDs. The CFL lamp was invented...

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The EU Halogen Ban Debate

The European Halogen Ban is under pressure to push back their date due to consumer demand. Europeans have been buying significantly more...

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Gas Lamps can’t be replaced by LED light bulbs

Despite the move to more energy efficient lighting , cities such as London and Berlin are trying to preserve their historic gas...

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