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Delays in Halogen Lamps Ban

Halogen lamps are due to be banned in 2016 as part of the European Commission’s DIM regulations. However, in order for them...

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MBA makes the switch

The Malta Basketball Association (MBA) has been converted to using LEDs to light up their new indoor courts. Malta clubs range from...

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How LEDs have changed Hollywood

LA has been fitted with over 140,000 street lights, completely changing how the streets look. The streets of LA have undergone the...

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Why more and more businesses are opting for LED

Businesses are always looking for ways to keep costs down and one way to do this is by swapping traditional (incandescent) for...

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The Council Lighten up Surrey

A project in Surrey where their street lights are being replaced with energy efficient bulbs has finished a year earlier than expected....

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Philips lights Africa’s famous monument: Maqam Echahid

The famous Maqam Echahid monument, based in Algeria, has had it’s lights replaced with Philips LED Energy Saving lights. The famous monument...

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Essex have the world’s largest wireless street lighting management system

Essex County Council has said they have the world’s largest wireless street lighting central management system with 125,000 connections. This technology allows...

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Airports making the switch to LED

“With the potential to improve visibility to pilots, energy savings, and long life, airports throughout the world are transitioning to LED based...

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Plymouth saving £1 million by switching to LED

Plymouth City Council is spending £8 million this summer to upgrade their street lighting. The project will begin in summer when over...

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