The iconic Allianz Arena features a wall of lights all around the outside which shows red and blue (the team’s colours) on match days.

The FC Bayern Munich have teamed up with Philips in a plan to improve the quality of their lights while decreasing their effect on the environment. Philips have promised that the installation of LED lights will use 60% less energy than their current lights.

This three year project will involve Philips becoming an official sponsor of Allianz Arena. There will be 8,000 Philips Colorgraze fixtures installed, totalling 380,000 LED light bulbs.

This will result in 71,000 seated stadium using 60% less energy, reduce carbon emissions by over 360 tonnes a year and reduce replacement/maintenance costs.

Managing Director of Philips Lighting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Roger Karner, said:

We will expand the palette [of the stadium] from three to 16 million colours. There will be plenty of light scenarios possible with which the Allianz Arena will be able to create unique moods.

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