Businesses are always looking for ways to keep costs down and one way to do this is by swapping traditional (incandescent) for LED lights.


LED bulbs use approximately one third of the energy  of incandescent bulbs thereby already an incredible starting point to saving money. Also, as LED lights produce a brighter light, fewer may be needed to provide the same effect.

Another positive benefit of switching to LED lights is that LEDs create a seamless look when blending and are more inviting to customers. As well as being visually pleasing, the bright light improves security by improving video camera images and enhancing facial recognition. The brightness also makes customers and employees feel safer.

When a business owner purchases LEDs from a reliable company (such as LightBulbs-Direct) it can drastically lower maintenance costs.

LEDs also offer more control than incandescent bulbs. For example, LED allows companies to change the optics to stop light pollution.

With all these great reasons to switch to LED it’s no wonder more and more businesses are converting.

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