A project in Surrey where their street lights are being replaced with energy efficient light bulbs has finished a year earlier than expected.

Walton High Street was one of the first roads to receive the new light bulbs.

Surrey County Council’s scheme has seen 88,000 street lights be replaced to provide brighter lighting on roads and pavements. The council said that the replacing of the light bulbs will save them £12 million in energy bills over the next 25 years. The streets of Surrey will see a whiter light from their street lamps rather than their previous orange glow.

As well as saving money, the new light bulbs will reduce the amount of light pollution and are easily adjusted because they are controlled by computers.

Deputy leader of Surrey County Council, Peter Martin, said

Finishing a year early is great news and makes that orange glow in Surrey’s night sky a thing of the past. It’s a glowing endorsement of the way everyone has pulled together to bring the clarity of brighter, whiter lights to our streets and pavements. The increased visibility makes Surrey residents feel safer while the energy efficient technology is both good for the pocket and the environment.

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