Brewdog, Scotland’s largest independent Brewery, have opened bars showcasing their signature beers all over the world.

A quote from their website says:

We’d struggle to sleep at night if we didn’t have a bar in the ancestral home of heavy metal. Luckily there’s BrewDog Birmingham. Reigning over this great city’s former industrial heartland like a temple of non-conformity, BrewDog Birmingham is a collision of exposed metal girders and hundreds of rare, unique and downright awesome craft beers from around the world.

All of BrewDogs pubs are updated versions of historic and original buildings – all have something a bit different to it staying true to their brands core values. BrewDog Birmingham is no exception, with its urban stylings of retro fluorescent signs and exposed brick walls the lighting needed to give a rustic feel to the place, adding to the décor rather than taking away from it.

This meant they needed decorative lamps with an urban edge. Cost and volume was proving to be a difficulty for the company. Whilst looking for the light bulbs they wanted the came across Lightbulbs Direct and got in touch for advice. They contacted our customer service advisor, Bernadette, to discuss what they were looking for and the amount they needed. Bernadette was able to guide them to the Crompton Antique Range which was exactly what they were looking for to fit in with their décor. Bernadette was also able to check the stock to make sure there was enough available to give them the amount they needed.

With the advice of our customer sales team, Brewdog were able to find the right light bulbs for their bar and receive the amount that they needed. Our team are always eager to help with a query in order to find a solution that suits you perfectly.

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