The touchscreen ‘tablet’ that turns any light bulb into a smart light bulb.

NuBryte, created by Lucis Technologies, is a wall mounted touchscreen that looks like a slim tablet and controls the lighting in your house. It can be directly wired to the light bulbs in your house, just think of it as a smart light switch. It can connect your smart phone so you can control it remotely if you choose to.

The system doesn’t just replace a light switch but enables you to create a lighting schedule so it can turn on at specific times helping you to wake up, dim your light bulbs or can be set to turn lights off when you leave. The NuBryte has a built-in sensor and 120 degree camera so can detect when there is an intruder in your home. It will send a notification to your phone enabling you to connect to the camera so you can see your home.

The system also includes a calendar which can link to everyone’s smartphones, the latest weather updates and can be used as an intercom for other rooms in your home.

NuBryte is also an energy monitor which can send energy reports to your phone and can help you to keep an eye on your energy bills. The device remembers your lighting habit using a system called LearningLights meaning you can set it to turn your lights off when you don’t need them it also has a sensor that can turn your lights off when you leave the house – a great help in saving energy.

Co-founder of Lucis Technologies, Alan Yuan, said:

NuBryte creates convenience for our customers as we sense that consumers are becoming more aware about their energy usage and would like to make a change in better managing their homes. Families have hundreds of electronics and appliances in their homes, and NuBryte is able to integrate those multiple functions into one central standalone device.

Currently available for pre-order in America.

Images courtesy of NuBryte

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