A security light bulb has received investments of $40,000 after one day on Kickstarter.

The security light bulb called the BeON Burglar Deterrent, looks like a normal LED light bulb but has built-in functions all designed to help keep you and your home safe.

The light bulb works just as a normal light bulb, it can screw in to a light socket and produces 800 lumens of white LED light equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb. It can be used in Edison Screw lighting fixtures and works with wall switches.

The light bulb connects to an app on your phone to replay your usual lighting pattern when you’re away to make any potential burglars think you’re home. It can also be set to react to your doorbell. For example, if the doorbell rings certain lights will turn on – as if you were on your way to answer the door.

In order to keep you and your family safe, the BeON Burglar Deterrent can hear when your fire alarm is going off and turns all the light bulbs to full power so you can find your way out to safety. Also, if there’s a power outage they will remain on so that you can safely exit the home.

Co-founder and CEO of BeON, Alexa Erchak, said:

The primary reason we’re on Kickstarter, instead of opening our own store or something, is the feedback…both on Kickstarter and via emails. It’s very surprising how well our message was received.

The company are also planning to add sound to the light bulbs. Erchak added:

If someone rings your doorbell, imagine your dog barking or imagine a shotgun cocking.

All images belong to BeON.

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