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Lighting in Layers: Ambient, Accent & Task Lighting

Lighting, though not as obvious or as show-stopping as a new sofa, is just as vital to your home’s interior design. Neglect...

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Light Bulb Manufacturers – Who Do We Stock?

The lighting industry is a busy place these days, with many different manufacturers competing to develop the best and brightest light bulbs....

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How to Wire a Light – A Step-by-Step Guide

Wiring a light fitting might at first appear a little daunting. It involves turning off the power supply, checking the electricity is...

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How to Fit a Dimmer Switch – A Step-by-Step Guide

Fitting a dimmer switch may seem daunting but it needn’t be. It involves switching off the power, isolating the circuit and knowing...

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Links – Lighting related sites

Below are links to other web sites that you may find useful:- EU Commission: Energy Saving Light bulbs This website informs consumers,...

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History of Lighting

Many ways of turning electricity into light have been developed over the two centuries since Sir Humphrey Davy (also the inventor of...

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LED Spotlights – All You Need to Know

Look inside any kitchen, bedroom, hallway or living room, and it’s highly likely that you’ll be presented with at least one –...

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What is a GU10 Spotlight Bulb?

Energy-saving GU10 spotlights Halogen GU10 spotlight bulbs are commonly made from plastic. An EU directive that took effect in 2016 has banned halogen...

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What is a Golfball Light Bulb?

Like their name suggests, golfball light bulbs are small, round light bulbs designed for use in more decorative fixtures, or where space...

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What is a Globe Light Bulb?

Not to be confused with GLS or golfball light bulbs, globes are large, round light bulbs usually used in decorative fittings and...

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