Hallway and landing lighting have the ability to offer guests a warm welcome and impress guests the moment they step into your home.

When thinking about the lighting layout of your landing and hallway, it is important to consider the uniqueness of these spaces and how you can use your lighting ideas to create a mesmerising passage elsewhere in your home. Especially where these areas can often be dark, narrow, and experience little natural light, illuminating these spaces can transform their look and create the perfect ambient atmosphere.

Hallway and landing lighting ideas

Whether it be statement chandeliers that add an element of luxury to high ceiling entryways, or delicate wall lights that brighten narrow and small corridors, there is always a lighting solution for every home.

In this blog, our lighting experts have collected an array of lighting ideas, perfect for any hallway or landing area. 

1. Brighten small spaces with wall lights

As much as we would all love to have the luxury of space, this is simply not the case in some homes. However, this does not mean premium décor needs to be sacrificed.

Wall lights are the perfect addition to hallways and landings where there’s less space, as they can distribute a sufficient amount of light from top to bottom, without taking up any room on the floor.

Inlight Arucas Paintable Wall Uplighter White

Not only this, but wall sconces can be incredibly stylish too, and can create a welcoming warm glow in small areas. Particularly when mounted in pairs or threes along the length of a corridor, they can create an ambient atmosphere in your home whilst creating adequate lighting for guests.

2. Use multi-directional fixtures for narrow hallways

If your landing or hallway is long and thin in design, it is likely you’ll want to make the space feel bigger. In this case, using a ceiling light that beams light in multiple directions will work well to brighten every part of the space.

Spa Lindos 5 Light Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Opal Glass and Satin Brass

Our gold Spa Lindos ceiling light contains orbs pointing in multiple directions, to not only create a focal design feature in a small space but also to ensure that light can be spread evenly throughout the area.

3. Make use of table lights and understated lighting

If you would prefer to take a more subtle approach, table lamps are another perfect way to create an ambient atmosphere and help to create a soothing glow throughout your home.

A further benefit of choosing table lamps in your hallway and landing is their versatility. Depending on your decorative and lighting preferences, your lamp shades can be changed at any time to suit the evolving needs of your home.

Position your table lamps on console tables with other decorative accessories such as picture frames or house plants to help them blend in with the rest of your interior.

4. Use oversized lighting for a statement design piece

Inlight Padua 5-Light E27 Pendant Cord Set Copper & Black

Alternatively, if you want to capture the attention of visitors in your home, and have the luxury of space, embracing an oversized pendant light or chandelier may be preferable for you.

This sort of lighting in a hallway or landing will add personality to your home and allow light to flood through the corridors of your house, particularly when hung from high ceilings, and especially over a staircase. 

Positioning pendant lighting and chandeliers in this way will also help to draw visitors’ eyes upwards, all while helping to accentuate the size of your home.

How bright should your hallway and landing lights be?

Though it is important for your landings and hallways to feel welcoming and ambient, the hallway in particular must also be a place where yourself and guests can easily get ready to leave the house. As such, it is important that your lighting serves a variety of uses.

When considering the type of lighting you need for your hallway and landing, ceiling lights will provide adequate task lighting whilst wall lights and table lamps will produce perfect ambient lighting. 

By layering your lighting, you can ensure that these spaces are well equipped for any occasion.

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