The Norwegian Getaway and the Norwegian Breakaway have been fully equipped with OSRAM Lighting LED light bulbs.

The two ships belonging to the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) are expected to use around 18% less energy on lighting. This will lead to great savings as cruise ships use about 25% to 40% of their energy on lighting, which is very important as a cruise’s energy is self-generated.

The lighting for cruise ships needs to be very specific as there is a lot of different requirements for different areas. For example: the event areas, cabins and corridors must produce a relaxing atmosphere whereas machine rooms will need brighter lighting.

There are now: 320 metre-long steamers illuminating the corridors for the passengers, specifically designed lighting atmospheres in the dining areas and different lighting effects in the theatre. 60,000 to 80,000 lights consisting of spotlights, disco lighting and chandeliers, have been installed in each ship. Also, 17.5 kilometres of flexible LED systems and other luminaires were installed onboard.

Head of Marine Lighting at OSRAM, Andreas Bär, said:

We benefit from the ever expanding market for cruising because we are able to provide shipyards and shipping companies with energy efficient and diverse lighting solutions, ranging from lamps with their control gear and flexible LED systems and luminaires to complex, dynamic lighting solutions supplied by our subsidiary Traxon Technologies.

Project Manager at the shipyard, Stephan Schmees, said:

When it comes to light we focus on three factors: Energy efficiency, cost and the emotional effect to be created. We emphasise and underline the atmosphere and architecture of the ship with out lighting solutions. The people need to be inspired as soon as they come on board. We have very high standards for example when it concerns the salt water resistance of luminaires and fire protection. Together with OSRAM we’ve made lots of progress in the past few years in the LED sector, and have continued to develop the portfolio.

He added:

With each new generation of ships we install an ever larger number of LED light bulbs. It’s more energy efficient because it consumes less electricity and at the same time develops less heat. This is why we don’t have to cool as much. Also, the LED light bulbs are less sensitive and a lot more durable with around 50,000 operating hours.

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