The UK’s National Car Parks (NCP) company recently began relighting 149 of it’s multi-storey car parks with LED luminaries under a deal with energy performance contract provider Future Energy Solutions (FES).

This project is expected to be the largest of it’s type in the UK in 2014 which shows how quickly LED light bulbs are growing in popularity.

The project involves retrofitting more than 70,000 LED luminaires in NCP multi-storey car parks. This will be followed by another 35,000 luminaires in environments such as station car parks and local authority sites.

By relighting 45,000 car parking spaces NCP expects to cut it’s greenhouse gas emission by 11,000 tonnes a year and to save more than 65% of the energy those car parks consume.

The largest single deployment of LED lights in Britain, the project underlines the growth and speed with which LED lighting technology is now being used by households, government and companies. Car parks are lit for long periods, often 24 hours a day, all year round, and benefit enormously from low-energy, low maintenance lighting solutions such as LED light bulbs and lighting controls.

The first phase of the NCP project is funded in partnership with the UK Energy Efficiency Investments Fund managed by Sustainable Development Capital and funded by the UK Green Investment Bank. It was the first transport infrastructure project to qualify for the governments UK Guarantee scheme in 2013 which will provide up to £40 billion to help important infrastructure projects raise finance.

CEO at NCP, Jo Cooper, said:

NCP has been seeking a partner in the energy contracting market to support and deliver a wholesale upgrade of our lighting systems across the Multi-Storey Car Park portfolio. Future Energy Solutions and it’s funding partners have tailored a deal for us which is off-balance sheet, requires no up-front investment, dramatically reduces our operational costs for an extended period of time, and reduces our energy use substantially. This has a big impact both operationally and financially. We are also delighted that the FES sites will be well lit and efficient, improving the experience for all our customers and helping us to achieve our environment goals. We look forward to addressing other energy efficiency areas where there are tangible wins for NCP and FES moving forwards.”Chairman of Future Energy Solutions, Anthony Lyons, said: “There are huge wins on a multitude of levels in this project. The deal has enabled Future Energy Solutions to deliver to NCP a lighting replacement scheme across a vast section of their car parking portfolio, generating significant savings in energy for the client of around 70% and a reduction in related costs. The portfolio with efficient lighting technology installed, will have negligible maintenance costs moving forwards, Most importantly of all, the sites being retrofitted by FES will be lit brilliantly enhancing safety and security for all users, making the environment within the car parks more inviting.

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