The famous 10 Downing Street received a BREEAM Award recently after going completely LED inside and now the street lighting is following suit.

When the famous Downing Streets lighting was due for an upgrade, the City of Westminster went for a more energy efficient lighting system. The upgrade, though embracing new energy efficient technology had to retain heritage for this historic location. The existing Windsor lanterns were upgraded to incorporate LED modules and wireless drivers so that they could be better controlled. Control and maintenance of the original lighting system was difficult due to security procedures but LED light bulbs have a longer life span and can be accessed remotely.

The City of Westminster is aiming to reduce energy consumption across the city by switching to LED lighting. The new street lights will use approximately 45% less energy than the originals.

Service Development Manager for the City of Westminster’s Lighting Services Department, Dave Franks, said:

We’d been looking at LED light bulbs across the city and whether they’re viable. As a result, we have come up with solutions for historical assets through retrofitting. Downing Street continues to undertake a lot of energy efficiency programmes internally to ensure it is doing its best to save energy [and] the street lighting is aligned to what the Cabinet Office itself is doing. It was seen as a real win for everybody. We’ve figured if it works [for Downing Street], it’ll work everywhere.

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