More ways to save money.

Energy bills can be expensive, and a sizeable addition to your other monthly bills.

It’s no-one’s fault really. Life is busy, and often, things like your electricity and gas bill get forgotten about – and overtaken by more pressing life matters.

But rest assured, because there’s one or two things that can be done, that don’t take up too much time, and that’ll help you to keep your monthly gas and electricity outgoings as low as possible.

So to enlighten you further, we’ve come up with five tips for saving money on electricity and gas bills, which can all be done TODAY.

Change energy suppliers

A simple change of energy supplier is easy to do and could potentially save you hundreds of pounds. This applies to tenants and home owners. If your landlord pays for your energy they have the right to choose supplier, but usually if you’re paying your energy bills, you should be able to choose which supplier to get gas or electricity from.

If you have a payment meter at the property, make sure you’ve settled the existing balance before looking to make the change. The actual switching is easy to do online by comparing suppliers and their potential costs. The Ofgem website is a great place to start.

Monitor your usage

By installing a smart meter, you can track your consumption in real time and accurately. In short, smart meters provide you with much more information about your supply and give you more control over your spending. Many of the best energy tariffs are only available if you have a smart meter. Enquire with your supplier about making the switch.

Turn-off appliances that are on standby

An average home with four people is thought to use as many as 13 electric appliances, and this includes things like your television and laptop.
According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save an average of around £30 each year by just turning appliances off by the plug. So before you head out for the day or go to bed, a quick check of the house could turn out to be a real saver.

Try and make your home more eco-friendly

Today, eco-friendly purchases are increasingly common. This might mean better insulation, a new boiler or even solar panels. A more eco-friendly home also makes the living environment more healthy, but with the demand and cost for energy only set to increase, something as simple as the installation of a new boiler will help keep more money in your bank account.

Make the switch to LED lights

Not only are they cheaper over a longer period of time in comparison to most other lights, there’s also multiple other benefits. For example; LED light bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient. LED bulbs have a higher brightness and intensity, are more reliable, and have a lower radiated heat. So it’s not just the positive financial and environmental impact you’ll notice. Our range cover all this and more, so take a look just here.

If you’d like more information about anything we discuss in this blog, get in touch with one of our experts today. We’d love to hear from you.

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Shirley Beckett

Can I replace halogen MR16 with an LED bulb?

P. A. Turley

Can I replace MR11 small halogen spotlight for an LED alternative

P. A. Turley

Thank you very much