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Replacing Halogen MR16 spotlight bulbs with LED MR16 light bulbs – Make the Switch

If you’ve still to upgrade your halogen MR16 spotlights to LED MR16, time is running out. In September 2016, the European Commission...

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Choosing Ultraviolet Light Bulbs – UVA, UVB and UVC

Do you know your ultraviolet blacklight UVA from your germicidal UVC? When buying Ultraviolet light bulbs, it’s important to know which type...

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What is a GLS Light Bulb?

The GLS (General Lighting Service) is a traditional type of light bulb that has been in use since the early twentieth century....

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Choosing Halogen Spotlights – Picking the right Spotlight

The most common halogen spots are either low voltage push fit (GU4 or GU5.3) or mains voltage twist and lock (GU10) versions....

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Fluorescent Tubes – Get The Right Tube Every Time

Fluorescent tubes generally have a two-pin fitting at both ends of the tube and generally, length goes hand in hand with wattage...

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Choosing LED Bulbs – Find the Perfect Light Bulb

After dominating the lighting market for more than a century, Edison’s incandescent light bulb is now being replaced by a whole host...

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IP Ratings and Bathroom Zones Explained

What are IP ratings? Why is it relevant to lighting your bathroom? The most important element to consider, though, is often the...

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Using Dimmer Switches With LED Light Bulbs

Dimmer Switches work by reducing the power delivered to your light bulb. They do this by trimming a section of a waveform, either...

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Switching to LED Bulbs, How Much Could You Save?

You might have heard a lot about LED light bulbs over the last few years. They have emerged as the leading technology...

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Lumens vs Watts – What Is a Lumen?

Once upon a time, the Wattage of a light bulb was used as a universal indicator of its brightness and nobody even...

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