A pub in Marlow was asked to remove their exterior lights after a complaint was filed.

The Britannia, a Marlow pub, had tow lighting columns installed a year ago after customers complained that the car park did not have sufficient lighting. However, the Wycombe District Council is now asking the pub to remove them because the lighting is ‘unneighbourly’.

A woman living near the pub, Gillian Southon, claimed that they lights shone into her bedroom making it difficult for her to sleep. She complained of this to the council, which led to the pub having to remove it’s lights. The pub was asked by the council to show a planning application for the lights and when it did not, was asked to remove the lights. Speaking to Bucks Free Press she noted that there did need to be lighting in the car park and suggested “The floodlights being replaced with light of a more considerate design, height and light intensity.”

Managing Director of McMullen and Sons which runs the Marlow Britannia, Peter Furness-Smith, said:

It seems quite bizarre that they allow you to have a big pub and car park which attracts a wide range and age of customers, then make it difficult to have proper lighting. Particularly our older guests need a safe environment to park and make their way into the pub and I do not understand it. We have taken a really grotty pub and spent lots of money making it into a really welcoming place appreciated by the local community, judging by the number of customers we have. The neighbours must be delighted compared to what was there before so I don’t understand it at all.

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