Blend style, security and solar power with efficient outdoor lighting.

We spend so much time thinking about perfect indoor lighting arrangements that our outdoor illumination can take a back seat.

But whether you’re keeping your property protected, or simply trying to enjoy it more as the nights draw in, you’ve never had more choice in outdoor and security lighting. But which al fresco glow is right for you?

PIRfect motion sensor security

Security lights with sensors, if you’ll excuse the pun, make all the sense in the world. Low-energy LED models that only trigger when you need them most, making them incredibly efficient. They could be welcoming you home, warding off four-legged prowlers, providing safety for those walking home at night or deterring ne’er do wells, and they’ll barely register on your bill. You can even get super-bright solar-powered security lights, taking their impact to zero — and your peace of mind to 100.

A warmer welcome with porch and door lighting

Your home’s first impression is made on the doorstep. Carefully-chosen door and porch lights will bring modern decor and your own personal style to every arrival. From sleek and low-profile to bold, statement lighting, or a vintage aesthetic with modern LED efficiency, you can find a low-energy solution that will ace any entrance exam.

Just don’t be surprised if you catch a few envious glances on your doorbell camera.

Enjoy well-lit outdoor space all year round

Why should summer have all the fun? With the right outdoor lighting you can bring character, whimsy, warmth and elegance to every night of the year. Nobody wants to end a cosy night in the garden with a couple of riojas just because the sun’s gone down, so choose the lighting that fits the ambience you love. Modern, minimalist panels, timeless classics, or even LED tiki-style torches can bring a soft glow to your outdoor evenings. 

You’ll find solar options that need no maintenance, fitting, or energy spend. And if your chosen lights have motion sensors, they’ll both provide you security and welcome you like magic every time you step out.

Floodlighting with a fraction of the energy

Particularly for those with larger property and gardens, nothing matches floodlighting for a feeling of security. You know exactly what’s going on around your home — as will any intruders. To get this fantastic light coverage used to require large halogen bulbs, but with new LED technology, and motion sensors ensuring they’re only on when they need to be, the highest level of safety now comes with the tiniest energy footprint. 

Better still, as with all of our outdoor lights, you can expect IP65 weatherproof certification, so your outdoor security lights never need a day off.

Illuminating answers to FAQs

Getting your outdoor and security lighting just right doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions to set you on your way.

  1. Do I need professional installation?

    Any wired lights will require professional installation. But it’s absolutely worth it to make sure that you’re totally weatherproof. After all, what’s the point of extra security without proper safety? That said, solar-powered lights and battery-powered lights are easy for you to fit yourself — and they’re equally easy to move when the mood takes you.

  2. Aren’t solar lights a letdown?

    We all remember the bad old days where the British sunshine wasn’t up to powering incandescent bulbs. Just dull flickers that lasted about 20 minutes. No use to anyone. Fortunately, with the advent of super efficient, bright LED technology, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your solar, battery and mains-powered outdoor lighting. You really have to see it to believe it.

  3. Why are LED bulb ratings so low?

    When you’re used to the old ratings for incandescent bulbs, 20W can sound a little on the dim side. But for LED lighting, you can roughly multiply by ten. So your 20W LEDs are going to shine equivalent to a 200W old-fashioned bulb, or 2250 lumens. Which you’ll find to be a much handier unit of light in the future. All that light with barely any energy used. They’re a lighting miracle.

Conclusion : Ready to give your outdoor security a glow up?

As you’ve read, solar security lights and motion sensor lights can give you an incredible feeling of security, but they can also add warmth and character to your outdoor spaces.

Make your home cosier than it’s ever been with our range of outdoor and security lighting.

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