With the weather looking up and long summer nights on the horizon, now is a great time to get your outdoor space entertainment ready. 

Whether you’re looking to make your garden sparkle with twinkling festoon lights, or are on the hunt for more practical task lighting, solar lights are a brilliant, high-quality and eco-friendly way to brighten up your space. But, it can sometimes be hard to know which are the best option for you…

So here are our recommendations to help you get set up with the best solar lights this summer.

What are the best solar lights for outdoors?

Solar lighting is great for outdoors, but it is crucial to choose an option that can withstand all weather conditions, even in summer. The best solar lights for outdoors need to be hard-wearing, waterproof, and able to cope with the unpredictability of UK weather. No matter if you want to transform your garden with flame effect wall lighting or firefly string lights, the most important thing to look for is durability when exposed to the elements.

What are the brightest outdoor solar lights?

Soft, ambient lighting can really spruce up your outdoor space and create a warm, cosy environment. But, brighter solar lighting also offers practical and safety benefits as well. Our range of SuperBright products, or our solar-powered security lighting can be the perfect option for those looking for the brightest solar lighting solution.

Do solar lights only work in summer?

Naturally, solar lights perform best in summer, due to the increased hours of sunlight meaning increased charging time. However, if you invest in durable, long-lasting solar lights, these will work throughout the year. 

The illumination time of solar lights depends on the amount of sun exposure, so this of course varies by season. Typically, our extensive range of solar lighting stays lit for 2-5 hours in spring and autumn, up to 6 hours in summer and up to 2 hours in winter.

Some top tips for boosting illumination time and making the most out of your solar lights year-round include:

  • Regular cleaning of the solar panels
  • Sensible positioning of the lights so they aren’t blocked from the sun
  • Use of mirrors to redirect sunlight

Our recommendations for summer outdoor lighting

Along with our tips for boosting illumination time, here are 3 main recommendations when choosing your outdoor lighting this summer: 

  • Opt for LED – not only do LED bulbs use less energy than halogen bulbs, they also have a much longer life, meaning less maintenance and bulb changes.
  • Incorporate a mixture of ambient and task lighting – create an attractive and inviting garden space, while making sure you still notice the practical benefits as well. 
  • Plan ahead – have a clear idea of style, size and positioning before selecting your outdoor lights so that you can choose the best lights for your space.  


Outdoor lighting makes a huge difference to any outdoor space in summer, and solar lights in particular enable you to elevate your garden in a cost-effective, sustainable way. 

Whether you’re looking for fairy lights, hanging lanterns, fence lighting, or even glowing wind chimes — you name it, we’ve got it — so check out our full range of outdoor solar lights

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