It’s time to gear your garden up for summer with outdoor lights! If you haven’t already of course. 

Summer is about longer days in the garden. Days that need not end when the sun finally sets. 

And, we can all transform our gardens into truly magical spaces in preparation for when summer eventually arrives with solar power lighting.

Our selection of solar lighting is waterproof and incredibly durable, which means that if we experience one of those inevitable damp summer evenings, our garden will remain pleasing on the eye, whatever the weather.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to brighten up your garden this summer with our selection of outdoor solar lighting. 

To help, we’ve come up with five great solar options guaranteed to enhance your garden this summer and for many more to come.

LED Solar Deck Light White

Try installing solar powered deck lighting and remove the hassle out of wiring cables and electricity points to your decking area.

In the daytime, the solar panel converts the sun’s energy and stores it in the rechargeable battery. After dark, the super bright solar garden light turns on automatically using stored solar energy.

The range isn’t exclusive to decking either. They can also be used for path lighting, ground lights, flower bed lights, or for lining pathways to make your garden feel more special and welcoming. 

LED Solar Fence Lights

By attaching to your garden fence or raised area, solar powered fence lights will really brighten your garden up during the evening. 

They comes with a rechargeable batteries that recharges during the day by the sunlight that strikes the solar panel on the top of the fence light.

An auto-sensor means the light automatically comes on when it gets dark and there is also a manual on/off button.

LED Solar Dancing Flame Stake Lights

Our range of solar powered stake lights include flickering flame solar lights, to provide you with a natural simulated dancing flame light that bring the life to your garden!

These are perfect to illuminate any garden party, barbecue or wedding. They’re also popular for Halloween. 

LED Solar String Lights

Be sure to take a look at our range of solar powered string lighting, some of which feature clear light bulbs filled with warm white fairy lights for a stunning lighting effect.

Position the solar panel to where the sun will hit it and then decorate trees, bushes, and any outdoor area you see fit, with these decorative bulbs for magical fairy lighting with a more modern feel.

The solar panel can be either fixed to a fence post or wall, or placed in the ground using the supplied ground spike.

LED Solar Decorations and Ornaments

We have a wide range of solar decorations and ornaments, from solar rocks, lanterns, table lamps and even our popular hanging basket solar light – this are a great way to display your colourful hanging baskets at any time of the day.

During the day, the three integrated solar panels convert the sun’s energy and store it in the rechargeable battery. At night, the LEDs automatically turn on, gently lighting your blooms.

This hanging basket light includes chains, and S hooks that attach to your current hanging baskets.

The LED light has a super long life which means it will never need to be replaced. LEDs remain cool to touch at all times, providing safe lighting that will not burn or damage your garden plants or flowers.

If you have any questions head over to our lighting buying guide, or give us a call. It would be great to hear from you.

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