XUVO is an effervescent tablet that can be mixed with clear drinks (alcohol, water) to create a lightly carbonated UV-reactive drink that glows under a black light.

The tablet also contains energy boosting caffeine, taurine, guarana and B vitamins making it make any drink into an energy drink.

The product is set to launch in November in the US and will be available online. There are four flavours to it: Neon Mojito, Electric Blue Hawaiian, Orange Buzz and Cosmic Apple.

The creator of the product, Killian Wells, said:

Being the only product of its kind is helping us to carve a niche in the alcoholic beverage industry. I wanted a cocktail flavoured energy drink to help fuel my creativity during long studio sessions. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could take it one step further and get these drinks to light up? I want people to be able to go into a club ask for a XUVO and vodka.

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Catherine McGowan

Our proprietary formula is a trade-secret but all of our ingredients and supplement facts are disclosed in accordance with strict FDA regulations.