According to the Automobile Association (AA), streetlighting is one of the most important factors in the public’s election decision.

Many counties have decided to turn off lighting usually from around midnight to around 5am in an attempt to save energy. The AA claims this has increased road accidents and has resulted in 6 fatalities since 2009.

The National Highways and Transport Network conducted a public satisfaction survey which found that the 5 worst councils operate a black-out during the early hours of the morning. The worst was Essex with a score of 45.1%, then Hertfordshire scored 51.7%, South Gloucestershire was 56.5%, Buckinghamshire scored 58% and Suffolk scored 58.7%. Blackpool solved their energy issues by installing LED streetlighting and scored top satisfaction with 75.8%.

President of AA, Edmund King, said:

For instance, Hertfordshire County Councils policy review found that the first and last trains of the day required travellers to walk to and from the station in the pitch black. Little wonder perhaps that counties on the outskirts of the capital, where workers have to get going very early or late to beat the rush are seeing such a strong backlash.

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