We know! Summer hasn’t arrived yet, and already we’re talking about Autumn house lights. 

But, you know the old saying – fail to prepare, prepare to fail – and we don’t want you to miss the boat when it comes to autumn lighting.

To keep it simple for you and to help you imagine what this autumn might bring, we’ve come up with three themes to help you plan ahead for when the darker nights arrive.

So without further ado…

Create cosy spaces

Real photo of a cozy, industrial bedroom interior with a double bed, yellow pillow, window and chain lights

Don’t let the speedy transition into autumn catch you out this year. Our décor ideas are here to make the chillier nights more bearable, by making your surroundings more cosy with the appropriate lights. Before you get to the lighting and the finishing touches, start thinking about scented candles, cushions, sofa throws and blankets. 

You could also add some more natural themes to your inside décor for a more autumnal glow. When it comes to lighting we’ve got you covered with our excellent autumn/winter range

So curling up with a nice hot drink is all well and good, but make sure you’ve created the right space to enjoy it as well. 

Bring the outside in

Cute retro wooden nautical style balcony view with small garden table and chair and decorative string party bulbs lights on in the evening.

Introduce some of that autumnal atmosphere into your living room. Mirror some of the colours and lights you start to see outside, inside. 

Can you place outside lanterns on the porch or place high up on a shelf in the house? What about some of the fairy lights you used over the summer months, can they be draped over somewhere high indoors?

Using a light timer is another good way to illuminate the property without having to think about it. Store a time for when it starts to get dark, then sit back, relax and enjoy the ambience. 

Introduce colour 


Colourful lighting not only reflects the seasons, it helps to inject some fun into your living space. 

Our coloured lighting collection helps to enhance design features in different kinds of rooms. With autumn in mind think about greens, yellow and red, or pick colours that make you feel warm. 

Sometimes, less is more, so when it’s dark outside, turn the other lights off in your cosy room, apart from that special table lamp. Use the light from the lamp to provide you with enough light to either read, or snuggle down to watch one of your favourite television programmes. This type of lighting is perfectly versatile because at the flick of a switch, you can turn the light on/off exactly when you need to. 

Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about lighting, so if you’ve read this blog and have any questions at all, then feel free to get in touch with us today. 

We’re committed to finding the right light for you, whatever the setting or occasion. 

We also have a large library of buying guides and practical help available on our site, offering all the technical help you could need. Our buying guides will help you narrow down your choices, while some of our other blog posts contain all the latest lighting news, tips and tricks.

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