Philips have teamed up with Sierra Wireless to produce the new CityTouch LightWave.

The CityTouch LightWave is a remote lighting management system to control all lights from one place. The lights can be controlled individually or in a group. The system includes “plug and play” LED fixtures which features built-in mobile connectivity to the central control system. Once installed a light point comes up on the CityTouch map which is connected to the fixtures through Airprime modules. The software issues the current lighting status, auto-notifications of faults, and accurate information on energy usage of each street light. They can be controlled individually or in a group. Energy savings could be up to 80% from the LED Lighting combined with intelligent controls.

Senior Vice President of Sierra Wireless, Dan Schieler, said:

The ability to monitor and manage street lighting can provide: more reliable service, more efficient use of city funds and a more environmentally friendly solution. It’s a classic example of how connecting everyday city services can benefit both the municipal organization and it’s citizens.

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