The famous Black Star Monument in Ghana, Africa is being illuminated by Philips latest LED lighting technology.

This new lighting reduced energy consumption of the monument by 80% and increases the city of Accra’s appearance. As the General Manager of Philips Lighting in West Africa, Felix Darko, said: “It is really beautiful.” The new lighting was also an attempt to educate everyone in the benefits of energy efficient lighting.

Darko also said:

We are using this monument as a focus to educate all of us to the benefits of energy efficient lighting.

CEO of Philips West Africa, Adallah Hussein Khamis, said:

This spectacular lighting of the Black Star Monument in Accra demonstrates the incredible advances that are being made in the efficiency and beauty in lighting. Philips is very proud to have placed it’s know-how and technology at the service of this iconic monument and contributing towards the presentation of Ghanaian heritage. For us the challenge was to devise effective lighting while respecting the authenticity of this monument. The lighting really had to enhance the beauty of the site without, at any time, overwhelming it. We are very proud of the final result, this reflects how Philips lighting innovations provide completely new opportunities to policy makers and governments to enhance city beautification and at the same time contribute to energy saving.

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