The right bedroom lighting scheme is crucial to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. It is also important for when you’re getting dressed or putting makeup on.

For general lighting, a dimmer would come in very useful in the bedroom. Perfect for gradually brightening as you wake up or dimming at night preparing you for sleep.

Bedside lights are a very important part of bedroom lighting and are extremely useful for bedtime reading etc. If it’s an iPad you’re reading from, despite it being lit, you would still need some lighting to reduce the strain on your eyes from the bright screen. There are a few different options for bedside lighting it could be: a strip light above the bed, lights fitted above or beside the bed or two table lamps situated at each side.

For something a little different, you could drape fairy lights through your room such as above your bed, on some curtains or even on a mirror. While these won’t provide enough light for them to be used alone, they provide great accent lighting in a dimmed room. They look great in kid’s bedrooms too but if your child is very young it’s best to keep them where they can’t reach to avoid them being tugged.

When it comes to using lighting for a wardrobe, the light should be inside the wardrobe – preferably a motion sensor so it will automatically turn on when you open the wardrobe. These are great for easily being able to see your clothes. The size of the wardrobe will determine how many lights you will need.

In dressing areas, if you are using a full-length mirror the lights should go either side of the mirror and all the way down so you can properly see your outfit, Lights used at the top or at one side will cast a shadow and you won’t be able to see your whole outfit properly, The same rule goes for tabletop mirrors used for putting makeup on or for styling your hair, the lights need to be either side and provide enough light for you to see your whole face and hair.

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