The bathroom is a very important room when it comes to considering lighting. Not only is it an important feature but it has some safety measures that have to be taken.

Fittings in the bathroom must be waterproof usually with an IP65 rating and light switches must be located outside of the bathroom unless the lights are operated by a pull switch to avoid an electric shock.

As well as the safety issues it is difficult to get the lighting right for if you’re putting on makeup or shaving on one occasion but you may also want a relaxing bath with a softer light. As with applying makeup, a frosted glass light bulb or fitting will give off a softer more diffused light.

To make sure the bathroom is properly lit would be a good idea to have a few spotlights/downlights/showerlights on the ceiling through the room to ensure each area is filled with light. The lights must have a rating of at least IP65 to ensure they are fully protected. Always make sure you can see clearly in the shower too. It could be worth getting a light fitted above the shower.

A dimmer fitted outside the bathroom could be a good idea if you’re wanting to take a relaxing bath or so that the bright light doesn’t blind you first thing in the morning/in the middle of the night.

For lighting at the mirror area, both sides of the mirror should be illuminated so that there is the correct lighting for shaving or applying make up. You could even add a strip light to highlight the mirror. Our strip lights are IP65 rated and can also be used as a decorative element to do something different like having the strip light placed around the bottom of the bath.

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