You may have noticed that it’s getting lighter in the evening, which means it’s time to start getting your garden ready for spring and beyond.

So with spring just about sprung, in true Lightbulbs Direct fashion, we’ve put together 10 ideas to get your garden ready for lighter and brighter times!

1. Tidy your garden regularly

The initial tidy after winter may take more time and feel overwhelming, but throughout spring and summer, try to keep on top of things by tidying your garden on a weekly basis. The little and often approach will make things easier as the weeks go on.

Total lumens indicates the brightness of the light

2. Focus on your soil

The winter season may feel like a long period, and guess what, it is for weeds! The cold wintery conditions give weeds enough time to fester, so you may need to remove them by hand, or buy some weed killer.
Then, it’s time to focus on your soil, and new topsoil is a great option as you get ready for spring.

3. Look after your lawn

A lovely lawn compliments the rest of the garden perfectly, and a simple spring lawn programme should see you into and through the summer months. Mowing is the most obvious place to start and there’s plenty to consider dependant on your lawn type. This from the Royal Horticultural Society provides a good guide to cutting heights.

Look after your lawn

4. Trim plants

It’s not just the weeds that are out of control, some of your favourite plants from last year may need a little TLC and a trim too. You might need to re-pot some, or transfer to a better protected area of your garden. So what are you waiting for? Head out now and have a look at which plants might need a little more care and attention.

Trim plans

5. Get rid of unwanted pests

Plants can make your garden area look beautiful, but they can also attract one or two unwanted pests. Ensure that you check regularly under leaves for things like bugs and pests, and if you can’t remove some by hand, be prepared to invest in some pest treatment.

6. Grow and protect your fruit

If you haven’t considered it, give it a try. Focus one area of your garden on fruit and try and grow your own. It will provide another reason for you to head outdoors but be warned, certain fruits attract particular pests so you may have to grow them in a partially enclosed space.

Grow and protect your fruit

7. Look after garden tools

Just like you do with your lawn, plants and fruit, make sure you keep your garden tools clean and free from germs as well.
When you do your weekly garden tidy, why not combine it with cleaning, oiling and sharpening your garden equipment.

Look after garden tools

8. Water works

You don’t have to build an extravagant water fountain, but a few subtle water features dotted around your garden can really make a difference. If you have enough space, the introduction of a pond can not only transform your garden but provide a safe space for fish another water creatures.

Water works

9. Clean your greenhouse

Get to work on the outside of your greenhouse with disinfectant or detergent so that you can remove any unwanted algae or moss.
Inside, you can sweep away any dead plants/branches, and tend to any tired-looking pots and garden equipment that may be in there.

Clean your greenhouse

10. Introduce lights

Complete the look with the perfect garden lighting selection. There’s so much you can do to your garden from a lighting point of view, that your best bet is to head over to Lightbulbs Direct site and take a look for yourself. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

Clean your greenhouse

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