The dark mornings have started and it’s just going to get darker, making those Monday mornings even harder.

You may have found yourself looking for the light this morning and if not, you will soon.

With a Dusk to Dawn Sensor light bulb  it can be easier to get out of bed. The light bulbs react to the infrared light from the sun to turn the light off and on. They can be used indoors or outdoors. As the season changes, these lights become incredibly useful and the Megaman version is LED meaning that even though you’ll need the light on more, you’re still saving energy and money. So switch to dusk till dawn light bulbs now to stop the half-hearted morning fumble for the light switch.

Another option, to help you be on time for work, is our newest additions: Smart LED light bulbs. These WiFi enabled light bulbs are completely controlled from your smartphone. You can switch the light straight on or even gently ease your eyes to get used to the light. If you work night shifts and prefer to not wake the rest of the house up, the gentle ease of brighter light can be a great help. The controlled light means if you wake up in the middle of the night with a case of the midnight munchies, it saves you searching for the switch and waking up everyone in the process.

Getting up for work is hard enough as it is, make your morning routine easier with an automatic or remote controlled light bulb.

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