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LEDs falling in price

“Prices for LEDs are high but falling quickly. A ‘dumb’ LED that puts out as much light as a $1.25 (74p) incandescent...

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Digital Lighting

One of the world’s oldest technologies is going digital with the introduction of network lights. Networked lights are an expansion of the...

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Why more and more businesses are opting for LED

Businesses are always looking for ways to keep costs down and one way to do this is by swapping traditional (incandescent) for...

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Giant Game of Tetris

Professor Frank Lee of Drexel University celebrated the 30th anniversary of Tetris in April by hacking in to an LED computerized lighting...

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Philips taking LEDs to the next level

Philips have been embracing new technologies and changing the way lighting is used. Green Sense Farms near Chicago is a large indoor...

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Osram competing to do LED Lighting for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Stadiums

Osram already has experience in the sports stadium sector in the Middle East as they provided LED lighting to the King Abdullah...

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Philips lights Africa’s famous monument: Maqam Echahid

The famous Maqam Echahid monument, based in Algeria, has had it’s lights replaced with Philips LED Energy Saving lights. The famous monument...

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Airports making the switch to LED

“With the potential to improve visibility to pilots, energy savings, and long life, airports throughout the world are transitioning to LED based...

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Plymouth saving £1 million by switching to LED

Plymouth City Council is spending £8 million this summer to upgrade their street lighting. The project will begin in summer when over...

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