The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Canada has received a new LED lighting system.

The theatre paid 20% of the $64,000 refit, while the rest came from Cameco, the federal government ministry of Canadian Heritage and the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. The funding campaign happened over a short period of time.

The theatre serves around 60,000 people a year including 65 live music shows, 12 weddings and a variety of co-orperate and school events. The last time the theatre was renovated was in 2005 and the new lighting system of 52 LED light bulbs means the theatre will not need any additional lighting. The new system replaced the 32 incandescent light bulbs the theatre previously had.

Theatre Executive Director, Kirby Wirchenko, said:

Everyone has changed over from the old light bulbs to the new light bulbs; this is the exact same thing. This building was built in 1946 but we don’t have to function like it was. Now we’re as efficient as it gets. In fact, it’s the most green lighting rig you’ll see in any professional venue in Saskatchewan right now.

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