In partner with Give1Project and ADS Global Corporation SA, famous singer Akon has started the Akon Lighting Africa Project.

Currently, a lot of houses in Africa do not have access to electricity and this project aims to change that. Their goal is to bring electricity to 1 million households.

An alliance was formed from a majority of companies supporting the project. This consists of BYD Solar, Aziri Technologies UK, Nari (Member of China Grid Group), CJI, the non-governmental organization Give1Project and the governments of different African nations.

A main point of this project is to encourage powerful figures to help address Africa’s Energy Issue. The American superstar will be doing this by going to 9 countries in 9 days to discuss the project with leaders.

The Akon Lighting Africa Project will involve installing solar equipment in households and promote their energy sufficiency that will also allow millions of children to have access to electricity and it will improve their education as they will be able to study longer if they have sufficient lighting.

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