Agartala, India will soon be replacing its streetlights with LED light bulbs without paying any upfront costs.

The money will come from a federal group called Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) which is a joint venture involving several other companies.

This will make Agartala the first Indian city to have all LED streetlights.

India is a country that suffers from power shortages, so low energy systems such as LED light bulbs are very important.

The city will begin to pay back for the LED light bulbs with the savings made from reduced energy.

Urban Development Secretary, Ashutosh Jindal, said:

We are expecting the signing of (an) MoU with EESL by next week to install modern, energy efficient streetlights in the city roads. This will not only reduce our energy bills, it also provides better lighting on streets and gives a modern look.

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