If you have been struggling with the rising living costs and the ever-increasing price of fuel and electricity, you are likely to be looking for ways to save. After a tumultuous year, everyone deserves a break, so here are our top tips on how to find the cheapest energy supplier and make sure you can make the most of your earnings and spread your money further.

What caused the energy crisis?

Consolidating on lots of previous factors, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in an energy crisis that is affecting many areas of the world. As a key exporter of oil and gas, the sanctions placed on Russia meant that many countries were left struggling to source enough oil and gas. These events have also led to rises in food prices and therefore the cost of living.

Who is the cheapest energy supplier

Unfortunately, the answer to this depends on a lot of factors that vary from person to person. Some providers include Scottish Power, Avro, SSE and British Gas who offer a range of tariffs. However, you need to consider the area you live in, how much energy you use and what times you use it to have a reliable estimate of your electricity bill. Considering all of these influences, it is impossible to give a broad answer. However, there are some surprisingly easy ways to find out whether you could benefit from switching suppliers. You could use a company like Switch Plan to compare suppliers and switch to the cheapest energy supplier.

Ways to reduce bills

1. Use energy saving light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs are known to be bad for energy efficiency, so bad in fact that they are no longer allowed to be produced. You may still have some though, and stores can still sell the remained of their stock. One way to save energy is to make sure you check before buying any new light bulbs that they are energy efficient, such as LED or CFL bulbs.

2. Using an energy comparison website

The best tariff and company for you depends on where you live, how much electricity you use and lots of other factors. Considering this, the best way to find out which energy company could offer the best price for you is to compare different suppliers and switch to the. This is a great way to get a personalised quote that tells you where you can save the most on energy bills and can even help you with the process of switching companies which could otherwise be a pain.

3. Be thoughtful

There are some smaller changes you could make to reduce energy consumption, such as turning off standby lights, reducing the amount of times you use your washing machine and replacing your tumble dryer with an air dryer. You could also switch to shorter showers instead of baths, make sure to turn off lights when you don’t need them and make sure to save on heating by checking all your windows are secure.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash