Do you find that sometimes there’s too much choice when it comes to buying light bulbs and fittings?

We wouldn’t blame you. The development of LED technology has unlocked the potential for what lighting can do, but it also means that finding the right bulb can be a bit like navigating a maze.

Don’t worry, help is at hand.

We already have a bunch of guides available that can help you pick the right lighting, whichever room it’s for, and some that can tell you exactly what to look for in the perfect light bulb.

Here we’ve gone one step further and picked out the 10 best light bulbs and fittings you can buy so far in 2018.

Some have been picked for their superior performance, while there are others that we’ve highlighted for their value for money. Finally, one of these has been chosen as our Best Buy for 2018: the product that offers the best performance, efficiency and value for money.

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Best LED Range – Crompton LED Filament Range

When they first appeared on the market, LED light bulbs were bulky, inelegant looking things that had to be well-hidden behind a light shade. Sure, they were revolutionary, but they didn’t look good. These days, that’s not a problem. Ranges like Crompton Lamps’ Filament LED light bulbs offer all the performance of LED technology with the familiar look of incandescent filament light bulbs. Attractive and super-versatile, these bulbs are the best all-rounders out there.   >>>View in store

Best Performance – Phoebe LED Galanos Athena+ LED Panel

The energy efficiency of LED lighting is one of its biggest benefits, and it’s improving all the time. This integrated LED panel is one of the most efficient luminaires out there, offering an incredible 125 lumens per watt, nearly triple the efficiency of standard fluorescent tubes. It has an outstanding 50,000 hour average rated life, which means, even if used in a busy workplace for ten hours a day, the panel should operate for up to ten years.   >>>View in store

Best Value for Money – NxtGen 11W LED GLS

The NxtGen range of LED lighting was released in 2012, designed to offer the same performance as rival LED bulbs, but at lower prices. This 11W GLS bulb is one of the best examples of the range. It’s the equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb, emitting a bright 806 lumens and with a long 15,000 hour life. At an average of 4 hours use per day, that’s a lifespan of over 10 years, providing incredible value for money.   >>>View in store

Best Hubless Smart Fitting – Phoebe LED Spectrum Downlight

Smart technology has revolutionised lighting, but getting started with smart lights can be a bit complicated. The excellent Phoebe LED Spectrum downlight makes things easier by allowing you to connect your smartphone directly to the light fitting via Bluetooth, foregoing the need for a central wireless hub. It has all the best features of smart lighting, including colour control, dimming, scheduling, and much more. Oh, and its unique halo-light rim looks amazing.   >>>View in store

Best Floodlight – Phoebe LED Atlas High Output LED Floodlight

They don’t come much more powerful than this. The 200w Atlas floodlight emits an incredible 22,000 lumens, roughly 50-60 times brighter than a standard household light bulb. LED technology means that it’s guaranteed to last for years too, saving plenty of money in the long run. It’s perfect for illuminating larger spaces like car parks and outdoor industrial areas, and it’s IP65 rated, so will perform in even the worst weather.   >>>View in store

Best Solar Light – Duracell Solar LED Glass Lanterns

Leading the way in outdoor solar lighting, this is one of the best products in Duracell’s Solar LED range. These traditional lantern-style lights are more attractive than most solar lamps out there, and their build quality is excellent, with a robust stainless steel and glass body, and an elegant pearl-effect finish. These lanterns give you the option of installing them as a typical stake light, or hung from a longer fitting to complete the lantern look.   >>>View in store

Best Decorative Bulb – Crompton Antique Incandescent Squirrel Cage

The hand-wound filaments in this beautiful incandescent bulb give it a vintage style that is difficult to replicate with any other type of light bulb. This bulb looks perfect when paired with a copper lamp, and will stand out just as well when hung without a shade. The bad news is that bulbs like this will soon no longer be available in the UK due to the impending ban on non-directional high-energy lamps. Stock up while you can.   >>>View in store

Best Display Light – Phoebe LED Mini Track Light

The right lighting is crucial for making products stand out in retail displays, and the Phoebe LED Mini Track Light offers a versatile, high-quality adjustable lighting source to do just that. The compact spotlights are fixed to the track using touch-safe magnetic fittings, allowing for easy adjustment, and their high CRI ≥95 rating means that colours will appear vivid and bright.   >>>View in store

Best Spotlight – Crompton Sunset Dim LED GU10

This innovative GU10 spotlight from Crompton Lamps replicates a natural sunset by emitting warmer light as it is dimmed. At full power it emits a warm white 3000K light, while at 10% power it gives off an extra warm 2200K light. It means that you can use this spotlight throughout the day and night, without the need to swap lamps. The Sunset Dim range extends to a G9 capsule and an integrated LED downlight called the Iris.   >>>View in store

Best Design – Plumen 001

For us, Plumen’s original designer energy-saver is still one of their most stylish. Taking the humble compact fluorescent and making it look good was no mean feat, but the Plumen 001 is an elegant, modern update to the years-old technology. Its energy saving potential may not match that of LED lighting, but there are few lamps out there with the individuality that Plumen have instilled in this lamp. Accompany it with a matching Plumen pendant to complete the look.   >>>View in store

best of 2018 phoebe led spectrum

Lightbulbs Direct Best Buy 2018 – Phoebe LED Spectrum Smart Downlight

Smart lighting is the future, and with the Spectrum, Phoebe LED have mitigated much of the cost of setting up a smart network by allowing you to connect directly to the light fitting. Offering versatility that few other fittings can match, along with its beautiful halo light ring, the Phoebe LED Spectrum combines functionality, style and value for money in one easy-to-use light.