The National Corvette Museum in Kentucky, USA has replaced all the lights in their 3 car parks with LED lights.

The NCM wanted to upgrade their lighting to improve the quality colour and light whilst also improving the safety of the car park and their energy consumption. Their 17 10,000w metal halide fixtures were replaced with 17 240w LED light bulbs. A further 27 400w metal halide fixtures were replaced by 27 120w LED light bulbs.

The new LED lights will save the museum $9,300 in energy bills every year as well as saving $2,000 on maintenance costs.

NCM Facilities Manager, Bob Hellmann, said:

The energy efficient lighting allows us to drive down operating expenses, present our cars and exhibits in the best light, and contribute to the greening of our community. We installed the LED luminaires and the more efficient fluorescent lights because they pay back in so many ways and it’s the right thing to do.

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