The lights featured at Blackpool Illuminations are all computer controlled so that the sequences can be easily adjusted and programmed to specific times.

As well as the timing, the brightness and colour are also controlled all to provide the best effect to visitors.

The illuminations are currently lit by 24V filament light bulbs directly from one of the only 2 remaining factories in China that still manufacture these types of lamps. The lights are gradually switching to LED light bulbs to reduce the illuminations electricity bill. The LED lamps can be as simple as LED direct replacements filament lamps or custom-made computer controlled multi-colour lamps. The illuminations have a number of features that use what is known as RGB controllable lamps. The illuminations have a number of features that use what is known as RGB controllable lamps. These still use cabling that connects the lamps to the electric supply but they can be controlled by passing signals over the same power cables to tell the lamps not only to turn on or off but also what colour to show. By using these lighting systems Blackpool Illuminations are able to make amazing displays.

The Illuminations Team have always been at the forefront of lighting. Over 100 years ago it was what we consider to be a very simple display consisting of 8 lamps. Back then there was no internet to find information or new technology and if something wasn’t available to them they had to invent it. Now development is different to the trial and error techniques of the past as they can use computer systems to see their ideas come to life without spending a lot of money. The lighting is unique which is why it’s the most popular light show in Britain. The lights have to be specifically fitted due to big temperature changes from -20°C to +40°C inside an enclosure, vibration from passing vehicles, huge impact from the wind and salt-laden sea spray.

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